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Crafted by our expert baristas

Our Story

Experience the Best of Ecuadorian Coffee

At NOMADA CAFETERIA, we strive to provide a unique and welcoming experience for our customers. Our focus is on quality coffee, delicious food, and a cozy atmosphere. Our specialty is Ecuadorian coffee that we source directly from local farmers. Our menu includes a range of coffee beverages, sandwiches, desserts, cakes, and milkshakes that are sure to delight your taste buds. Our goal is to provide high-quality coffee that stands out among the competition.

Introducing Our Pour-over Coffee


Our pour-over coffee is made with precision and care. We use a slow and steady technique that allows the coffee to brew to perfection, bringing out its unique flavors and aromas. Each cup is carefully crafted by our expert baristas to ensure the perfect balance of taste and strength.

Our Ethical Coffee Sourcing

Supporting Local Farmers

At NOMADA CAFETERIA, we believe in ethical coffee sourcing. We work directly with local farmers in Ecuador, paying fair prices for their high-quality coffee beans. This allows us to support the local economy while providing our customers with the best coffee possible.

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